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Club History

It must be obvious by now that if one thing characterized our club since its very beginning it was change. The 1980's have also lived true to that impression as the three photos below poignantly illustrate the dramatic modifications of S.B.Y.C. 's dining room. They were taken in June, 1981.

The dining room at that time was actually two separate rooms joined by a series of french doors. The far end of the dining room was punctuated by double hung windows which overlooked the channel. The Slate Room was separated by a half wall accentuated by dowel inserts. The entire floor of wood lent itself to a large dance area when occasions called for it.

The photo to the right was taken in February, 1988 on the night of the Commodore's Ball. It illustrates the transformation of the dining room as we know it today. Those changes, which actually occurred in 1982, were designed and engineered by club member Joe Brunner.

Sliding glass doors have replaced the windows and the dance area is now distinctly set off from the remainder of the carpeted floors. The Slate Room can be either fully accessed from the dining room or completely separated through the use of sliding doors. Although more formal in its appearance than it has ever been, the dining room still remains a setting where members can have down to earth fun and enjoyment.

Survival was also the order of the day in photo 69 as Mario Marone's thirty six foot double ended sailboat sank outside of the lagoon. A skilled salesman, he sold the vessel the same day it was salvaged. Pictured in the photo from left to right are: Jack Arundell mooning the photographer, Mario Marone cursing, Mike Shannon pointing to the culprit, Fred Sehlmeyer pointing back, Gun Reyerson waving off help, and Bob Haggerty applauding everyone's futility. The occasion certainly will never be forgotten by all those present that day. Thanks for the memories, Mario!

The photo on the right shows Harry Lynch waiting for "his ship to come in" during the Blessing of the Fleet Ceremonies in 1983. The oldest courtesy dock was replaced in 1988 by floating docks which run almost the entire length of the rear bulkhead and connect to the gas pump dock thanks to the efforts of the Lagoon Chairman, Don Toth, and his crew.

The two photos below show the clubhouse and lagoon as we know it in 1988. Approximately 180 slips are available to the membership. Blessed are those who wait!

The photo below is an artist's rendition of Past Commodore Freddie Sehlmeyer's future plans for the exterior renovation of S.B.Y.C. If approved by the membership, it is estimated that the monthly assessment for this project could easily continue through the year 2088! Our immediate past Commodore is pictured in photo 75 (photo is missing) on the evening of his Commodore's Ball. That is Del McCaffrey seated to Freddie's right and to Del's right is Monsignor John McGuire who once again delivered the evening's invocation.

One of the unique features of S.B.Y.C. is that ours is a membership-maintained club. That is, many of the regular jobs that need to be done to maintain the clubhouse and the lagoon are performed by club members. Not only does such an orientation help to keep costs at a minimum but it also fosters friendships. Not all of the clJanuary 28, 2010 10:53 AMe several of the regular staff who help to keep our ship on course. Although they need no formal introduction, let history record that they are from left to right: Eddie Bravato, Marie Seus, and Betty Stokke. In 1987, the club hired the first manager in its history and thus the changes go on and on and on...

Our history will recall that it was on the weekend of May 27-30, 1988 that we officially wished the old clubhouse and boat basin a most HAPPY 75th. ANNIVERSARY. The occasion marked our Diamond Jubilee and poised us for the upcoming decade of the 1990's.

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