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Club History

The boat basin had by 1970 grown to the size as we know it today. Nonetheless, many major changes would occur in the lagoon such as the instillation of electricity on the floating piers in 1972 and the addition of a new bubble system in 1977. It was also during 1977 that the floating dock systems were completed.

The plans for the renovation had begun in 1975 during Herk Henle's term of office as Commodore. Much of the credit for the design and engineering of the floating docks was owed to Dick Dabberdt, according to past Commodore Henle. Joseph Nassir was Commodore when the system was fully implemented. Years of planning and hard work had resulted in greater convenience for the entire membership.

Formal dinner dances continued to characterize this era as can be seen in photo on the right. The occasion for this picture was Howard W. Scott's installation as Commodore in 1970. Pictured from left to right are Joe and Sue Bellicki, Dick and Carol Voight, Howard and Chris Scott, Bob and Barbara Wider, Dick and Margie Redda, Al and Ann Brayson, Jim and Marge Cantone, Frank and Loretta Newshum, and Mr. & Mrs. Bill McClean.

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The cook for that dance was most likely Freda Knutson who is pictured to the left  She apparently so endeared herself with the membership through her culinary skills that the club sponsored a European trip for her on the occasion of her retirement.

Many club members will still recall the baseball games between the two club teams known as the Commuters and the Clam Diggers. The 2nd photo to the left shows Commuter Bill "Irish" McKenna at one of those games in June, 1971.

Several major changes were also made in the clubhouse during Edwin C. Yablonski's commodoreship in 1974. It was then that the fireplace was added to the Slate Room and the supporting columns in the bar were eliminated as steel I-beams now reinforced the ceiling and roof. A new roof adorned the club and a new sitting porch was added out back.

The photo on the right, taken in May 1972, shows "team" members having some lighthearted fun during an amateur night. Pictured from left to right are Tom Keenen, Joe Bellicki, Howard Scott, Frank Newshum, Frank Hagarty, Charlie Wagner, and Bill McKenna.

The bicentennial of our nation also marked the year in which the club installed a new gas tank. Informal records indicate that the cost for that project was $1631. Next ...

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