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Club History

The club underwent many physical changes during this decade as is evidenced by the absence of the Koot House in the photo on the right.

That building was torn down in1962 in order to accommodate more bulkhead and dockage. The story goes that during the demolition process Charlie Botto accidentally smashed Jimmy Cantone's nose with a crow bar. Oh, the price of progress!

It was also around this time that the Slate Room was added to the clubhouse. Built during Russ Nicastro's term of office as Commodore, that addition was dubbed "Nicastro's Mushroom Cellar.

Russ is the third gentleman from the left in the photo on the right.Pictured with him in the Slate Room are from left to right George Fuchs, Alex Pisciotta, John Reboli, Jr.

Traditions continued in the form of the regular amateur nights as well as the annual Commodore's Ball. The invitation pictured in photo 41 (below) called for members, their wives, and guests to partake in the festivities to initiate Sebastian Sino as the club's newest Commodore.

The 2nd photo below (on the right) commemorates that occasion and its formality. Standing from left to right are John A. Michelson, Howard Scott, Oliver Van Dyck, Seb Sino, Albert A. Brayson, Dick Voight, George Fuchs and Joseph Consoli.









Photo 46 on the left clearly shows that the club was not without its problems thanks to the ravages of old man winter. In 1961, S.B.Y.C. lost its flagpole in a storm but it was replaced during the following season. That same flagpole has stood watch over Opening Day Ceremonies for the past twenty-six years.

Club membership was limited to 250 by the Year 1961. The initiation fee rose that same year to $100 and the membership was polled regarding their desires for a swimming pool on the premises. 1962 saw the initiation of the $50 bar credit and in 1964 the patio was added behind the club. During the summer of 1965, floating docks were purchased from the Milford Yacht Club in Connecticut and were towed across the Sound to the club thanks to the influence of "Uncle" George Fuchs.

One of S.B.Y.C.'s contemporary traditions has been the regular presence of our chaplain, Monsignor John McGuire. Pictured here, Monsignor McGuire has been delivering invocations at the club for over twenty years.

January 28, 2010 10:53 AMry_49.jpg" width="194" height="209" hspace="5" vspace="5" border="1" align="right">Anniversary. That occasion was commemorated through a history of the club complied and written by Jae Townsend Smith, the wife of club member Robert Smith who is himself pictured in photo 49 along with Russ Nicastro. Bob Smith was perhaps the first member of our club. 

If you refer back to Photo I (i.e. "The First Clambake", 1923) you'll see him crotched down on the left side of the picture in front of everyone else. Both Bob and his wife, Jae, are now deceased and, despite our best efforts, we have not been able to locate the book which he wrote about the club. It is hoped that one day our search will prove successful so that this present volume and Mrs. Smith's past book could together serve as a record of the club's history. Next ...


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