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Club History

By now, there was no mistaking the intentions of our club predecessors. Their building was in place, a boat basin had been dug and the north bulkhead was constructed. Stationary docks were, of course, the order of the day. The the building in the background of photo 10 was used for storage and came to be known as the "Koot House". It's name was apparently derived from an original house further east which was torn down in 1914 to make room for the club's outdoor pavilion. That koot house was used by local duck hunters as a winter meeting place. The twin lighthouses flanking the entrance to the club's grounds in photo 6 were built in 1936 and adorned our facility for two and a half decades. Photo 7 is actually a post card which probably made many a city dweller envious when they received it from their friends or relatives vacationing in what was then a rural and rustic Stony Brook. Photo 8 is a view of the club from across the launch ramp. The original locust posts which supported the stone and cement bulkhead were eventually faced with corrugated metal. Notice the outdoor porch which ran the length of the club. Future years would bring many physical changes to the original building as will be obvious as you continue through this history. Finally, photo 9 depicts the original "boat basin" which accommodated approximately twenty-five skippers. With a Constitution calling for a maximum of fifty members, it's not hard to see how a premium on boat slips has probably always been a theme throughout our history.

In 1932, the club acquired its first cannon for use on Commissioning Days. It was five years later in 1937 when S.B.Y.C. obtained its liquor license causing some members concern that the place was becoming a "semi-nite club". Expansion was on our horizon with the acquisition of additional land in 1939 from the Brookhaven Trustees. Next ...

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